The Watson Centre for Brain Health helps people who have suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI), acquired brain injuries or concussions. We are now accepting applications for the 2016/2017 program. Interested clients are strongly encouraged to apply by November for enrolment in the following year. However, we accept new clients on an ongoing basis if we have space.

If you are interested in applying to the centre, please take the online Arrowsmith Program Questionnaire from home. This questionnaire will give you a good idea of the cognitive exercises you will work on at our centre.

If, after taking the questionnaire, you are interested in contacting us, please complete our Watson Centre for Brain Health pre-registration form, as well as our application form and send these documents to us at

Program Costs:
• $16,500 for 10-month program (September 2016 to June 2017)
• $14,225 for 6-month program (January 2017 to June 2017)

For more information about program costs, please contact us.

  • I am a 49 year old, 11 year NHL veteran and my career was cut short due to multiple concussions.  Since then I have been looking for a program(s) that might help me with my day to day mental struggles.  A few months ago happened to sit in on a few of the Watson / Arrowsmith seminars and am now excited to be able to take part in this groundbreaking approach for potential cognitive healing and a better way of life.

    Jamie Huscroft
    Retired Canadian hockey defenceman
  • WCBH is implementing a unique multidisciplinary and holistic approach in treating the effects of traumatic brain injury. This comprehensive program has the potential to present real opportunity for individuals affected by TBI to become whole again.

    Dr. Mike Dowling, DC, CCSP
    Chiropractic Sports Physician
  • I was fortunate enough to live a dream and play in the NFL for 14 years. While I don’t feel any negative cognitive effects at 46 years old, I know that the possibility is always there. Whether it is me or any of my former teammates that might benefit from the work of the Watson Center, I am glad they are there and care enough to do the work they are doing.

    Robbie Tobeck
    Former American Football Centre
  • As a 48-year-old 10 year NFL veteran, I am beginning to notice subtle changes in my own cognitive abilities. Misplacing my keys, fumbling over words, and forgetting names are becoming commonplace in my everyday life. I have long believed I would benefit from a Watson Centre/Arrowsmith-type program that was customized to address the specific needs of an NFL Player.

    Don Davey
    Former American Football Player
  • Mark Watson and the Watson Centre for Brain Health are taking on the root cause of TBI symptoms head on. As someone who played almost a decade of contact sport – I have yet to see a program that approaches the treatment with as much holistic innovation.

    Shea Emry
    Retired CFL’s Nastiest Player, Men’s Health Advocate